We love to hear from the folks who have added one of our Golden Doodles or Poodles to their family:

“It was the weekend of Thanksgiving two years ago when we lost our Golden Doodle Bella. We were all devastated, especially our two children, who wanted another Golden Doodle right away.

Living in Connecticut, we had no luck finding a breeder, so my husband began his search on-line. He stumbled upon Betty and Mark’s puppies, and the rest is history.

Betty was truly amazing, answering several phone calls from a ” new and anxious” family. Being from Connecticut, our puppy needed to be shipped, which was a new experience for us. It couldn’t have been a greater experience.

Our puppy Sophie arrived safe, with an extremely easy process. Sophie is a well behaved, lovable, healthy, and truly a wonderful addition to our family. I would recommend Betty and Mark’s family breeding to anyone.

Betty knows I would talk to anyone about our experience and our BEST family friend!”  Jill

We bought a puppy from the Raber’s and are very happy with him. He has done very well for us and we feel very fortunate to have come across the Raber’s poodles. Betty was super nice and talk to me several times and helped find the right fit for us. Our puppy is growing well and is very smart. We feel very lucky to have found him as he has been a great addition to our family! Thank you Raber’s for all the work and care you put in that helped to make “Moose” the perfect fit for us!     

Last month I lost my 10 year old cocker spaniel. I was devastated. My youngest daughter insisted that I needed to have a new companion dog in my house. I reluctantly agreed. She found our golden doodle at the Raber’s. We’ve only had him a few days but he already has found a place with our family. He is intelligent and very affectionate. He learns very quickly. It’s difficult to find family breeders but “Golden Doodles and Poodles” seem to know what they are doing. I appreciate being able to call Betty to answer questions we may have. She has been a great help. I highly recommend Golden Doodles and Poodles to anyone looking for quality golden doodle puppies.

    KAREN MASON         

  Sasha, now known as Maya is everything we hoped for. We lost our Sophie unexpectedly in Feb 2018 at age 7, way too soon. Vowing to never get another dog, here we are a year later wanting another doodle. This breed is our family’s favorite and unintentionally I picked a puppy that looks so much like our Sophie. Maya does have a different personality but still the awesome, loving, loyal characteristics of a golden doodle. Our family would probably agree that Maya has some even better qualities than Sophie. We were very impressed with how easy it has been to house train Maya. The Raber family must really spend time with their puppies. Maya listens and responds to my commands quite well. I was also impressed with how well kept the family farm was. They have a beautiful home and very clean surroundings.

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From the day he,  came to live with us Shaggy  has been a wonderful member of our family.

I couldn’t believe at 9 weeks he arrived house broken. I was very conscientious about letting him out. Whenever he looked in the direction of the door he was taken outside.  He didn’t make a mistake. And he still hasn’t.  At six months he is still growing.

He is absolutely the  fastest learner I’ver ever seen. We show him how to do something once or twice and he gets in.

He was everything we where told he would be and more. Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies:

Frank Marchant . Monkton MD.

This review and testimony is long overdue.  I  adopted Mabel,  formerly Macy, a 4 month old black Goldendoodle from Betty in April 2018, and I have been so pleased. I already had a 3 1/2 year old Goldendoodle that hasn’t gotten properly socialized with other dogs. I was hoping Mabel would teach her some things and it’s proven to be a very good decision.

First of all, Betty provided excellent service to me, sharing videos and talking about each puppies temperament. I was able to observe the puppies interacting with her children in a video- I live in Seattle!- and was able to make a good decision about the best puppy for my family.

As a four-month-old, Mabel arrived in Seattle as cargo on a Delta flight. Betty uses a shipping service called My New Puppy Delivery and the guy who owns it was also easy to work with. I was able to communicate directly with him via phone and it was very reassuring.

A trainer met us at my home to set the tone for an appropriate introduction with my other Doodle, and within a day it was as if Mabel lived here forever. She and my other Doodle quickly bonded and Mabel treats her like a big sister / aunt. They play together for hours. In the one year I have had her, Mabel has had one accident in the house. Like all puppies, she loves chewing things such as earphones, a copy of the New Testament, and an antique player piano roll! Mabel is very smart and learned Shake, Sit, Down in no time flat. Bonus- she rides beautifully in the car, sleeping the whole time. She’s also great with my Airbnb guests.

In summary, I highly recommend Betty and her Golden Doodles and Poodles. It was a very positive experience. Betty was great at communicating, she was patient with all of my questions, she gave me exceptional service, and I’m thrilled to have Mabel as a part of my life. Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

                    Sincerely,                                                                           Mary D Sanford                                                     Seattle,WA


             I found this breeder while looking for a Standard poodle pup for my wife, after we had to put our previous poodle of 12 year down. I contacted them and left a message. They call me back that day, and setup a meet with a puppy for the next day. They were very understanding about me living over 6 hours away and acommadated my schedule. When meeting the pup, she was upfront about any concerns with the pup and was very good about giving me the time i needed to decide. I just wish they weren’t so far away from me, because they were very helpful. 

Mark and Betty are the sweetest people! As is our standard poodle that we purchased from them! They take wonderful care of their pups. Their country home was beautiful and had so much room for the puppies to roam. The puppies were clean and well taken care of and most importantly healthy! It was a wonderful experience. Betty answered any and all questions I had, they were fast to reply and communication was wonderful. I would purchase another puppy from them in a heart beat! Thank you for giving us the honor of being Tango’s family!
                                          – Joshua
We were trying to find a poodle puppy for our family and when I went on a website I saw these puppies and I absolutely fell in love we got Twila now known as Bella! I really recommend purchasing a puppy from Betty and Mark they were really good at answering my questions and answering really quick the delivery went well the guy was really nice, and I would definitely adopt another puppy from them! They are awesome and we love our Bella so much she is so beautiful and is in really good health! Thanks so much again Betty and Mark!
~Kevin and family

7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Mary Tanner says:

    What a greatexperience with Betty. I saw Teddy on the internet & +1 instantly fell in love with him. We drove the 7 hours from N.Y. to pick up Teddy. When we arrived Teddy was playing fetch with her son. Teddy was well socialized to Children and other animals. Teddy is so well behaved and has not had one accident in my home since day one. Betty had all Teddy’s paperwork ready and even gave us some food for him. We were extremely pleased at how well adjusted he was from the day we picked him up. He was obviously well cared for by Betty and her Family. We look forward to many years of joy with our new addition. I would highly recommend Betty to anyone looking to adopt a new puppy. Mary Tanner

  2. Kevin Garcia says:

    We were trying to find a poodle puppy for our family and when I went on a website I saw these puppies and I absolutely fell in love we got Twila now known as Bella! I really recommend purchasing a puppy from Betty and Mark they were really good at answering my questions and answering really quick the delivery went well the guy was really nice, and I would definitely adopt another puppy from them! They are awesome and we love our Bella so much she is so beautiful and is in really good health! Thanks so much again Betty and Mark!

    ~Kevin and family

  3. Madeline H. says:

    I grew up with standard poodles my whole life and always got them from the same family. After her dogs stopped having pups, I looked online. I found Betty’s lovely standard poodles and immediately reached out! I got my Penny Lane in August of 2019, and she has been the most amazing blessing. She provides a lot of laughter and love and has gotten along with our other dogs just great. Penny is not scared of anything, and she especially loves children. She is a very quick learner and already knew a large sequence of tricks by 4 months and was easily potty-trained. My little Penny Lane is by far the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve been able to take care of. I recommend Betty to anyone that ever asks about where I get my poodles.

  4. Jennifer Dale says:

    We had the great opportunity of adopting “Buddy” from the Raber family when he was 9 weeks old. My husband and I had been considering adding a puppy to our family of 6 for a while and were very fortunate to have found Buddy. It was love at first sight when we saw him on the adoption website and knew he’d make the perfect additon to our family. We drove 2 hrs to meet his breeder family whom was very kind and accommodating. It was very nice to be able to see both of Buddy’s parents when arriving on the premise. The breeding grounds are very well maintained and it shows in their animals. Buddy has been a breeze to house train which was fantastic. He is full of energy and gets along great with our 4 children ages 2-10. He just celebrated his First Birthday and we look forward to celebrating many more.

  5. tina says:

    Was unsure of even getting a new fur baby after the loss of our Bella on 1-8-2020.
    Was just “looking” when I seen a picture of “Ginger “
    we renamed her Scarlett Rose —- Rosie Went and picked her up the same day April12th 2020.
    She was already 5 months old. Not researching the bread at all! She is extremely smart and loyal
    goes everywhere we go and
    she’s doing great now !
    She’s almost 14 months old and a amazing addition to our family !!

  6. Tina says:

    Forgot to mention in my post the Rabers were extremely nice to work with !
    And would love to adopt another off of them soon !

  7. frankmarchant@yahoo.com says:

    My boy, “pictured above” in the sporty red bandana is in his second year of obedience training. You could not ask for a smarter, better behaved more loving friend. From the day he arrived he has been the best. He is beside me now as I type this. I could not think of a better place to find a “furever” friend than here.

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